Warp 10 Office Hours Recap – Q&A about Discovery

Here is the recap of our last Office Hour (Nov. 2022) dedicated to Discovery

Warp 10 Office Hours Recap - Q&A about Discovery

Our last Office Hours session was held on November 15 and was dedicated to Discovery.

First, I would like to warmly thank all the attendees. 🫶

We greatly appreciate your feedback and participation! This session was an opportunity to discuss Discovery, how it works, its future developments, and of course answer all your questions and queries.

If you couldn't attend, here is a recap of the questions asked during this session.

Discovery is a dashboard as code tool dedicated to Warp 10. It allows you to create personalized and highly dynamic dashboards.

Q: How to start with Discovery?

The easiest way is to start from the documentation, to learn how to set up, configure and customize your Discovery dashboard.

And then, you can find a lot of samples and tutorials on the blog. 👇

Q: Discovery Everywhere?

Yes, you can benefit from Discovery in many ways.

At first, we designed it as Web Components, so you can embed it directly into any web page (including your own website).

Because it is handy to visualize what we are coding, we embedded Discovery directly into VSCode.

And, if you do not want to put your hands into HTML, you can use Discovery Explorer. This is a web server which handles a file system directory containing mc2 files, describing dashboards.

Q: What about role-based access control for Discovery?

There are many ways to do that. Either you build your own website and use Discovery as web components, you can use Discovery Explorer behind a reverse proxy that will do the authentication, or you can use Discovery Explorer against a KeyCloak instance (paid version, contact us).

Q: What about your road map?

We plan to do a lot around Discovery, here are some features we plan to work on during the next quarter (year?):

  • Draw area on a map for geo selection
  • A 3D Viewer plugin
  • Add annotations directly on charts and store a datapoint.
  • Discovery in WarpStudio
  • Discovery builder (a drag & drop dashboard builder based upon macros)

Q: How to load balance Warp 10 for high availability?

Ok, it is not about Discovery, obviously. This mechanism is called Datalog and is described here.

Final Word

Once again, thank you all. I would like to apologize for the poor sound, we will do better the next time.

We intend to hold recurrent office hours sessions, follow our Twitter account to be notified of the next session.

This Office Hours recap didn't answer all your questions about Discovery? Have questions about Warp 10 in general? We'll be happy to answer your questions on Slack (join the Warp 10 community), Stack Overflow, or Twitter.