Machine Learning

Warp 10 is shipped with its own machine learning capabilities and can also inter-operate with dedicated machine learning tools.

Articles with this tag will be about some Warp 10 features or about data pipelines that integrate Warp 10 and other machine learning frameworks.

Time Series Forecasts in WarpScript

Time series forecasts in WarpScript

In this article, we present the WarpScript extension for time series forecasting and show an exemple on power consumption data and another one on air passenger data.

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remote control and WarpScript

How does a time series correlates with its past?

We use the auto-correlation function. We see how to implement it in WarpScript™, with an exact calculation and then with a fast and accurate approximation.

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Thinking in Warpscript : Detecting anomalies
Thinking in WarpScript

Thinking in WarpScript - Detecting anomalies

WarpScript, the data programming language of the Warp 10 platform, offers built-in functions to help you detecting anomalies. We review them in this post.

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tutorial jupyter

WarpScript in Jupyter notebooks

Discover how to use WarpScript in a Jupyter notebook for doing data science on time series data.

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