UFO sightings datasets, the truth is out there… Part 2

Explore UFO sightings datasets and find correlations with US military bases location.

UFO datasets: the truth is out there, part2

This the next part of the previous article called UFO datasets, the truth is out there… about UFO sightings data manipulation.

Locate UFO sightings by count all over the time

It is a bit more tricky to do, but you can achieve it in a few steps:

  • Fetch data
  • Map data to replace the actual value by an HHCODE with a MACROMAPPER.
  • Compute the sum of sightings for each location
  • Build a new artificial time series with the count as a value

To understand MAXOPS, please have a look on this post about limits.

Sightings count per location
Sightings count per location


For those particular dataviz, please wait a future post about an UFO dashboard.

Display military bases location

Now we will try to find a relationship between UFO sightings and military bases locations in the USA.

So we need a US military bases datasets, here is one: https://public.opendatasoft.com/explore/dataset/military-bases/information/

And here is the Warp 10 data to import to your instance: bases.zip.

curl \  -H "X-Warp10-Token: <YOUR WRITE TOKEN>" \  -H "Transfer-Encoding: chunked" \  -T bases.gts \  "https://sandbox.senx.io/api/v0/update"

At first, let”s have a look to the datasets on a map:

US military bases location

Well, I it seems there is a relationship. Now let”s display both.

The smartest way is to use a regular expression to fetch both bases and sightings, and then, filter the result to retain only the time series we want.

UFO sightings and military databases
UFO sightings and military databases

Military bases and UFO sightings relationship

Now, I would like to know how many sightings there is below 50 km of a military base.

To achieve that, here is the steps:

  • Fetch data
  • Filter by series
  • For each military base (hopefully, they are not thousands)
    • Compute a 50 km radius circle
  • Aggregate those circles
  • Count sightings inside those circles
  • Get the overall sightings count
Explore UFO sightings datasets and find correlations with US military bases location. Click To Tweet
{"< 50 km":42801,"> 50 km":14209}

Ok, but in percent? Modify the end of the previous script.

{"< 50 km":"75%","> 50 km":"24%"}

75% of UFO sightings in the USA take place at less than 50 km from a military base!

That could mean two things:

  • The US military bases secretly host aliens
  • The US army is made of aliens
Read more about when do you need a Time Series Database.

Final though

With these datasets, we have seen a to do a MACROMAPPER, how to manipulate HHCODE, GeoShapes, how to filter data by a geographic area, and how to compute the value distribution.

Like said before, in a future post, we will build an UFO dashboard with all of what we discovered.

Live long and prosper.

Part 3 of UFO sightings datasets is right here.