Warp 10 beyond OSS

Warp 10 is part of a rich Open Source ecosystem, but it also has some commercial modules available. Discover some of those modules and what benefits they provide.

Warp 10 beyond open source

The SenX Team works hard to make Warp 10 the most advanced time series platform available, and by far. With over 1000 functions in the WarpScript language, Warp 10 is leading the pack. And thanks to its versatility the power of its analytics can be put to work on data residing in other data stores, whether they are other TSDB, SQL, or NoSQL databases or even search engines.

All this value is offered under the very liberal Apache 2.0 Open Source license. But as a company, SenX also offers some commercial additions to the Open Source Warp 10 version.

This post describes the most popular additions that are available to make your Warp 10 deployments even more advanced.

As on WarpFleet, there are three types of additional modules:

  • Plugins which add features to a Warp 10 instance,
  • Extensions which augment the WarpScript language with new functions
  • Macro packages which provide features in the form of WarpScript macros.

Compiler extension

This extension adds the possibility to compile WarpScript code into Java bytecode to benefit from faster execution time. The typical improvement is around 100%, meaning the compiled code runs twice as fast as the original WarpScript code.

This extension is popular for use cases that require performance beyond the base WarpScript execution engine, but do not have time or budget to rewrite the said WarpScript code as native functions.

LevelDB extension

The LevelDB extension brings to WarpScript a set of functions to directly manipulate the SST (Sorted String Table) files managed by leveldb. These functions allow identifying files containing specific series and remove those files, thus enforcing retention policies with immediate reclaiming of space.

This extension is popular for embedded environments and for deployments which require automatic purge of data without relying on calls to DELETE.

Forecasting extension

If you are into predicting the future based on past data, this extension is for you. It provides multiple prediction methods, from classical ARIMA and SARIMA to more advanced ones, exploring multiple techniques using AutoML and choosing the most efficient one.

Thinking in WarpScript: discover built-in functions that can be used for detecting anomalies in time series.

Administration plugin

This plugin adds a graphical interface for the management of tokens and the display of metrics on Warp 10 instances.

It is popular among administrators who prefer to interact with an app rather than use WarpScript scripts to generate tokens.

Alerting macros

This macro package allows using Warp 10 as an alerting platform, triggering alerts on specific conditions, adding annotations to alerts, managing the lifecycle of those alerts (inhibition, quiescing, canceling), and sending notifications via various means (Slack, text messages, phone calls, emails).

These macros have been used internally by SenX on all its deployments of Warp 10 and have successfully woken up on-call personnel for the last 7 years!

Sharing macro is really simple between WarpScript developers!


On top of Warp 10 Open Source, SenX offers multiple modules to augment the capabilities of Warp 10 deployments.

Contact our sales team at sales@senx.io to get more information on those modules. You could also subscribe to our newsletter to be informed when new modules come out.