WarpStudio in standalone mode

Deploy WarpStudio as a standalone Web Server.


WarpStudio is our WarpScript Web IDE. It comes as a Warp 10 plugin, but you can deploy it as a standalone Web Server.

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At first, download the WarpStudio package here.

Now you can run simply it:

java -jar warp10-warpstudio-server.jar

WarpStudio is now running on

You can pass it a properties file as a command line argument:

java -jar warp10-warpstudio-server.jar ws.properties

Accepted properties are:

warpstudio.port = 8082
warpstudio.host =
warpstudio.ssl.host =
warpstudio.ssl.port =
warpstudio.ssl.tcp.backlog =
warpstudio.ssl.acceptors = 2
warpstudio.ssl.selectors = 4
warpstudio.ssl.keystore.path =
warpstudio.ssl.keystore.password =
warpstudio.ssl.cert.alias =
warpstudio.ssl.keymanager.password =
warpstudio.ssl.idle.timeout =

So, as you can see, you can use a key store to expose WarpStudio over HTTPS.

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It's up to you to freely deploy it on your infrastructure.