Getting help from Warp 10 community

Looking for WarpScript help? Several channels exists. Anyway, you need to learn to share your execution context to help helpers!

Getting Help from Warp 10 Community

This short article sum up the ways to share data, snippets, with Warp 10 community.

Even if you followed the WarpScript tutorials, you may sometimes need help from WarpScript experts. You may find us:

99.9% of the time, helpers will ask you the WarpScript snippet you struggle with AND a snapshot of your data, to be able to help you. A snapshot? What is that?

Helper Trust level: 100%

You are working on a public instance, you got a support contract with SenX and an NDA, or you consider there is nothing sensitive in your data. Just share your WarpScript, tokens, and your endpoint. In WarpStudio, this could be done with two clicks:

Full code snapshot, includes instance endpoint.

Then paste the snapshot URL into the help channel. It is really easy, but you share everything.

Helper Trust level: 50%

You need to hide your instance, your tokens. Or you are working on your computer or a LAN instance that could not be reached from outside anyway.

Here is a buggy WarpScript:

FILL will raise an error, and there could be several reasons, depending on the FETCH output. To share your data, insert SNAPSHOT STOP before filler.interpolate.

After that, you can copy-paste the JSON output and share it with others. Helpers will be also happy if you copy-paste the few lines of code, removing manually the tokens or other secrets.

The JSON just contains one string. The string itself is valid WarpScript. Anyone can copy the string, then call EVAL function to rebuild the stack exactly in the state you have, and therefore help you efficiently.

Trust level: paranoid

You do not want to share class names, or metadata, or real GPS position, or timestamps, because this is the nuclear core temperature and the GPS position of an SSN and the submersible number is in the labels. Seems legit.

Before SNAPSHOT, you need to clean up your data... Here is a useful macro to hide everything: for simplicity, it is hosted on our WarpFleet repo, available for everyone.

@senx/gts/hideMyGts will define a random shift in time and space the first time you call it. Then it will apply these shifts, rename GTS to gts1, gts2, gts3, remove all the labels and attribute, leaving a randomLabel instead.

This cleanup may be "too much". You can adapt it, here is the macro:

Share all the context!

You may want to share variables too. SNAPSHOTALL can do that. Not only it generates valid WarpScript to rebuild the stack, but it also generates all the context (all the variables or macro you stored).


  • Sharing the execution context is really simple with WarpScript. SNAPSHOT STOP is just what you need to remember.
  • If there is no NDA or support contract between you and helpers, be sure you do not share something highly confidential. @senx/gts/hideMyGts will help you.
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