Bite the Bytes, WarpScript bitwise operators review

Manipulation of raw binary payloads in WarpScript could be done easily with existing functions, no need to call external programs!

Bite the Bytes, WarpScript bitwise operators review

Sometimes, you need to process raw payloads. Extract a bit from an array of bytes. Build a byte array. If you play with Warp 10 MQTT plugin (now available on WarpFleet), you have to manipulate the payload you build on your IoT device.

Here is a useful cheat-sheet for bit and bytes manipulation in WarpScript.


Most conversions from and to LONG or BYTES (bytes array) type exists. We will take an 8 bytes CAN frame as example payload. It contains two booleans, an integer, and a float:

Analyze your electrical consumption from your Linky and Warp 10

This could be described in a C struct, using bit fields:

struct {
  unsigned int right_door_opened: 1;
  unsigned int left_door_opened: 1;
  char: 0;  //padding
  int batteryVoltage: 24;
  float batteryCurrent;

Decode payloads

payload.right_door_opened = 1;
payload.left_door_opened = 0;
payload.batteryVoltage = 351;
payload.batteryCurrent = -140.424;

The encoded frame could be represented as a long with value -4392016192336732415, or c30c6c8b00015f01 in hexadecimal. In WarpScript, you could decode everything in a few lines:

Extract a byte array from a byte arraySUBSTRING
Read a byte from a byte array, returns a longGET
Convert a byte array to a longTOLONG
Convert a byte array to a floatTOLONG FLOATBITS->
Convert a byte array to a doubleTOLONG DOUBLEBITS->
Convert a byte array to a string"UTF-8" BYTES->
Read a bit from a byte array, returns a booleanBYTESTOBITS 56 BITGET
Reverse a byte array endiannessREVERSE

Of course, if you define the same C struct on another CPU, you might have to reverse endianness somewhere!

Encode payloads

Here is the code to build the byte array with the same content as the previous example:

Again, convert what you need to long, then to byte arrays, and use + to concatenate byte arrays. For booleans, use bitwise shift << and binary mask | and & to build long.

Convert a long to a byte array, from 1 to 8 bytes3 ->LONGBYTES
Concatenate byte arrays together+
Convert a float to a byte array->FLOATBITS 4 ->LONGBYTES
Convert a double to a byte array->DOUBLEBITS 8 ->LONGBYTES
Reverse a byte array endiannessREVERSE


WarpScript also includes functions to represent byte array as strings. These functions are useful for debugging, checking endianness problems, and so on.

Display byte array in hexadecimal->HEX
Display byte array in binary->BIN
Display byte array in base64->B64
Decode a byte array'UTF-8' BYTES->


Like many languages, WarpScript allows to build or decode any kind of binary payload. If you want to check all available type conversions, read this tutorial!

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