Keep it simple, ...

Recently, I read this article on the InfluxDB blog.

In the second part of the article, the most complicated, they use their new Flux language to do really simple analytics on 4 sensors. 20 lines of code to do a very simple operation on each tick:

Then I looked at the dataset. Perfectly aligned series! No need to synchronize, no need to interpolate missing datapoints...

Since Warp 10™ 2.0, this could be done in a single line of WarpScript™:

$Tc2 $Tc1 - $Th1 $Th2 - /

The straightforward WarpScript translation is : one FETCH instruction per channel + one line to do the formula + rename the resulting GTS.

WarpScript (blue), Flux(background)

Here is a full playable example, just click on the execute button.

Not using Warp 10™ or WarpScript™ yet? Do not give up hope! You can plug the Warp 10™ analytics engine on top of an existing time series database. For InfluxDB, the open source plugin is here.