Influx: Keep it simple, …

Use WarpScript™ to Simplify Time Series analytics. Robusts solutions exists to work with Time Series. Do not reinvent the wheel!

Keep it short and simple!

Recently, I read this article on the Influx blog.

In the second part of the article, the most complicated, they use their new Flux language to do really simple analytics on 4 sensors. 20 lines of code to do a very simple operation on each tick:

Then I looked at the dataset. Perfectly aligned series! No need to synchronize, no need to interpolate missing data points…

Since Warp 10 2.0, this could be done in a single line of WarpScript:

$Tc2 $Tc1 - $Th1 $Th2 - /

The straightforward WarpScript translation is : one FETCH instruction per channel + one line to do the formula + rename the resulting GTS.

Image showing the difference between WarpScript and InfluxDB with the number of lines of code
WarpScript (blue), Flux(background)

Here is a full playable example, just click on the execute button.

Not using Warp 10 or WarpScript yet? Do not give up hope! You can plug the Warp 10 analytics engine on top of an existing time series database. For InfluxDB, the open source plugin is here.

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