VSCode plugin for WarpScript

Discover our WarpScript VSCode plugin and its features. This is the best way to author WarpScript.

tutorial Visual Code Studio

We published a WarpScript Plugin for VSCode. This is the best way to author WarpScript.

How it works

First, install the plugin in VSCode (More info), then launch VS Code Quick Open (Ctrl+P), copy and paste this command :

ext install senx.warpscript-language
Completion and colorzation on VSCode
We provide code colorization, auto-completion and hover help.
Code snippets
We provide code snippets.
Dataviz capabilities

Main features

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Code completion
  • Remote execution (command Ctrl+Shift+P > "Run WarpScript" or Ctrl+Alt+E) or "Exec WS" button
  • Remote execution for code selected (command Ctrl+Shift+P > "Run WarpScript on selection" or Ctrl+Alt+A)
  • Hover definition and help
  • Workspace macros (@workspace/relative/path/to/macro/file the linked file containing a macro)
  • Clickable links to navigate between workspace macros
  • Snippets
    • macro
    • mapper
    • bucketize
    • reduce
    • filter
    • apply
  • Embedded Warpview Dataviz
  • Embedded base 64 image viewer (visible only if returned JSON contains at least one base64 image)
  • WarpScript execution history in output window using the format (files are clickable):
    • [EXEC_START_DATE] file:///os_temp_dir/executed_warpscript.mc2 => file:///os_temp_dir/result.json exec_time fetched_data op_count main_filename.mc2 endpoint
    • [EXEC_START_DATE] ERROR /path/to/script/in/error.mc2:error_line reason_of_failure
  • WarpScript and resulting JSON are sent gzipped between the client and the server
Learn more about Time Series: the future of data


  • To slow down autocompletion, you can use VSCode built in configuration editor.quickSuggestionsDelay
  • // @endpoint http://xxx/api/v0/exec at the beginning of the script change the remote execution endpoint
  • // @localmacrosubstitution false at the beginning of the script deactivate the local macro substitution
  • And // @preview none at the beginning of the script disable the preview. GTS or image force the focus to the GTS or image preview after execution.
  • In your settings.json you can add "proxy.pac": "/path/to/your/proxy.pac" for this extension to use proxy.pac rules to connect directly or through SOCKS proxies depending on the selected endpoint.
  • You can set the VSCode default language to warpscript (Ctrl+, search for default language settings). Every new file (Ctrl+N) will be considered as a WarpScript.

Graph interactions

  • Alt + Mouse wheel : Zoom
  • Click + Drag : Select to zoom
  • Shift + Click : Pan
  • Double Click : Restore zoom

Now, it is easier to code with WarpScript.

Happy coding.