The Warp 10 Platform has a new logo

We are thrilled to present the new Warp 10 logo that unifies the entire platform.

The Warp 10 Platform has a new logo

We've been working on it for a while, and we're very happy to finally be able to unveil it. The Warp 10 platform has a brand-new logo!

Although we liked the old one, it was time for us to evolve the visual identity of the platform. So this article is here to present the different reasons why we decided to change.

Why a new logo?

The main reason is that since 2018 (when the previous version of the logo was launched), the platform has evolved a lot. 

Tools such as WarpStudio, the Sandbox, or HFiles have been integrated into Warp 10. The function library is now unified around WarpLib, with two dedicated languages, WarpScript and FLoWS. We even have a dynamic dashboard solution. 

For each new tool, we added a new logo. Sometimes from the base of the Warp 10 logo, but sometimes not. So we had:

Image gallery with the old version of the Warp 10 logos

We are now in 2023, the platform is developing, and the logo(s) no longer correspond to the image we wish to convey. We need unity and consistency so that all the tools on the platform, taken separately, are easily recognizable.

So, with Warp 10's 10th anniversary coming in 2023 and major release 3.0 available soon, we thought it was the perfect time to evolve the logo.

What changes?

After weeks of internal reflection and discussions, we arrived at this new logo. We hope you love it as much as we do!

The goal was not to start from scratch, so we started thinking based on the 3 elements we wanted to keep:

  • The font (Quicksand)
  • The colors (gray and orange)
  • and above all, the “ensō”
Ever since its inception, Warp 10 has put time and space at its core with its unique data model called Geo Time Series. This focus on the four dimensions which are common across the universe has led us to adopt space-related ideas throughout our communication, and when it came to designing a logo, we chose to use an Ensō. 

An Ensō is an element of zen culture that represents both the universe and the void, it is a hand-painted circle drawn as a single stroke. The Ensō in our logo symbolizes the plethora of use cases to which Warp 10 can be applied and the simplicity with which they can be addressed.
Mathias Herberts (SenX CTO)

For the new logo, we simplified the ensō and removed the W inside to make it easier to apply the pictogram across the entire platform. Instead of the W, there is now a series of 5 points, like data points, but placed especially the same way as the stars in the constellation Cassiopeia.

The simplified Ensō introduced for release 3.0 had dropped the typography of the W, but the void needed to be filled, so we chose to stick to our space inspiration and replaced the letter W with a representation of the constellation Cassiopeia which looks just like one.
Mathias Herberts (SenX CTO)
Picture of an enso, and representation of the Constellation of Cassiopeia
Picture of an ensō, and representation of the Cassiopeia Constellation

The logos of the whole platform are now all built on the same basis:

presentation of the logos of the whole Platform
You can download the new logos here.

New major version + new logo = new website

As the platform and the logo evolves, so must the Warp 10 website

We wanted to show more clearly what we think is the added value of the solution, i.e. its integration with existing infrastructure (in addition of course to storage and analysis performance). You will see changes to the home page, the addition of new pages to present the platform, and some minor changes to several other pages.

However, what you won't find, is the Discovery documentation… because Discovery now has its own website, with cookbooks, detailed components, samples, and Discovery Explorer.

Explore on and bookmark the website.


We couldn't wait to reveal all these changes to you, so please, tell us what you think of the new logo and the new site. And if you notice pages in that haven’t been updated, feel free to let us know on the Warp 10 Lounge or Twitter.

Regarding version 3.0, we will publish articles in the coming weeks to detail the major changes and new features. If you want to test the alpha version of Warp 10 3.0, here is what you need to know: Introducing Warp 10 3.0.