Smart Transport Tech-Meetup #02

I explained Smart transport data management pitfalls, then introduced Warp 10 as a storage backend for this kind of data, using HHCode examples.

Smart Transport Tech-Meetup 2018

A big thank you to the around 30 participants at the 2nd Smart Transport Tech-Meetup, hosted by Virtuo yesterday on October 24th, 2018, in Paris.

As an embedded systems engineer, I presented the Warp 10 time series open source platform, developed by the SenX team. After a quick review of the data related laws and regulation trends, I strongly encouraged the audience to keep their raw data, without any kind of early transformation their company may regret later.

Then I did a few WarpScript demos to explain how Warp 10 optimizes the geographic inclusion functions with Helical Hyperspatial Code (HHCode). Participants learned how they can do some geographic regular expressions.

If, as most transportation companies are, you're working with time series, you definitely should give Warp 10 a try.

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