Play with timezones

Warp 10 works with UTC time for data points, but, you can easily convert UTC times in your timezone.

play with timezones in Warp 10

With Time Series, data points are timestamped, but having to deal with timezones could be tricky, except with WarpScript. Warp 10 use UTC timestamps and offers a set of useful functions to manipulate date and time.

The key feature is to use TSELEMENTS, ->TSELEMENTS, TSELEMENTS-> and ISO8601.

Time in Warp 10 are LONG values expressed in a defined time unit (microseconds by default, but you can change that in the Warp 10 configuration file).

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For example, the NOW function, returns the current UTC time expressed in time unit.

We can convert the current time to TSELEMENTS.

If you want to convert the timezone, you can pass the standard timezone name to ->TSELEMENTS:

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And now, we switch from a timezone to another:

To sum up, Here is the list of timezone names.