September 2019: Warp 10 release 2.2.0

Discover what release 2.2.0 of the Warp 10 Time Series database and platform has to offer.

Warp 10 release 2.2.0

On Friday, September 13, almost two months after release 2.1.0, we published release 2.2.0 of the Warp 10 time series platform. Here is a description of what it brings. We encourage you to migrate any Warp 10 instance to this release. If you are running 2.1.0 and are using multivariate values, know that 2.2.0 fixes a bug which could prevent some multivariate values to be correctly fetched even though they were correctly stored.

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Bug fixes

Two bugs were corrected in this release.

The first one in COMMONTICKS which incorrectly handled duplicate ticks.

The second one prevented Multivariate values from being decoded correctly in certain occasions

New functions

41 new functions were added to WarpScript, the total number of functions is now 983!

SORTWITH was added to sort a list using a macro in a more flexible way that what SORTBY allows, perfect for lists of lists.

ASENCODERS converts Geo Time Series into GTS Encoders.

GEO.COVER and GEO.COVER.RL produce Geo shapes with the cells where a Geo Time Series had data points.

PIVOT and PIVOTSTRICT allow you to generate label values from values of specific Geo Time Series.

STRINGFORMAT can format numbers in a STRING.

New functions GTSHHCODE->, ->GTSHHCODE, ->GTSHHCODELONG for working with HHCodes with knowledge of the special value (0x0145014501450145) used to indicate no location.

GOLDWRAP wraps a Geo Time Series or GTS Encoder in a deterministic way by first sorting the elements by tick, value, location and elevation.

New mapper functions to perform comparisons on tick, location (lat, lon, HHCode) and elevation: mapper.{eq,ne,ge,gt,le,lt}.{tick,lat,lon,hhcode,elev}

Modified functions

GEO.WKT and GEO.JSON now throw an exception when the maximum number of cells is reached.

CLONE can now clone GTS Encoders.

A NULL bucketizer can now be passed to BUCKETIZE to simply set the bucketization parameters (lastbucket, bucketspan and bucketcount) on Geo Time Series without altering its data points.

VALUEHISTOGRAM can now work on GTS Encoders.

->PICKLE can now work on Geo Time Series.

New features

Maximum value size can now be attached to a Write Token.

A Write Token can also contain a definition of a time window which is tolerated for pushing data points. Points whose timestamp falls outside this window around the current time will be either ignored or rejected.

For the distributed version of Warp 10, Write Tokens can now contain an attribute which will set the TTL of the data points to a specific value.

Added support for variable expansion in runner scripts, the construct ${...} is expanded in a way similar to how MACROCONFIG works.


The code base went under a lot of cleaning. The build process was slightly modified to make it simpler.

Error messages were made clearer with the mention of macro names when they are available and an emphasis on the faulty statement.

Formatted WarpScript function template was improved notably for automatic documentation generation.